Clematis vitalba I | The Dress

« We could have made so many things
together you are my twin
Your lips your hair your eyes
We could have been sisters
The way you dress the way you talk
We could have sing together
Your strings my strings your words
We could have played so many rooms
But your demons hunted me down
A bounty on my head they set in your mind
And all around the bodies started to fall
Blinded by the madness of your tongue
Blinded by the beauty of your tongue.
I couldn’t tear out the fog
I couldn’t answer your riddles
And the only thing I remember of this day
Are the stems of the Clematis vitalba tangled
in your hair
Can you recall when you collapsed and cried
in my arms
I can recall the thought I had at that time
About the dress of flowers and leaves
I wanted to make for you. »

Clematis vitalba  is an ongoing project reflecting on the notion of human/nature symbiosis

Clematis vitalba I | The Dress (dedicated to a lost friend)

Organic unbleached & undyed cotton gauze fabric
Organic unbleached & undyed cotton muslin
Organic unbleached cotton sewing thread
Clematis vitalba flowers and seeds
Size EU 36 Length 160 cm

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