384 400 Km {is the distance between you and me}

Artist’s statement between two lives:

« Some of you may know what I was doing before that: my jewellery brand called Pagan Poetry. I was already tired of it, of the world it had to be part of (fashion), I have had already sensed its last breath when the illness hit me: an inflammatory lesion to the brain. A frightening event that I overcome within a few months and that we will know nothing about: from the cause to the recovery: nothing. But the good news is: I recovered. In a practical matter this disease caused me to not be able to use my right hand. No pain but a frightening impossibility to control my aim, moves, from the intention of my brain to the actual precision of the hand something was blocked, the transmission was scrambled, as a station you desperately want to hear on your radio but are unable to attain, whatever the unbelievable efforts you make, as if you wanted to move an object with your mind but obviously couldn’t. My hand became this almost stranger to me, I could move it still, I was not paralysed (thank god!) but the control was impossible. And with that a fatigue I had never known before… A fatigue from the body to the mind. No I couldn’t produce anything physical, no objects anymore, I had no ideas for that anymore… But there were these texts I had written since 2010 or so, pieces of stories, auto-biography and reveries, a dream journal also. All these were compiled in a secret blog called 384400kilometersisthedistance.tumblr.com . As my will left me I recalled this blog, writing was all I was capable of now. So I read it again, edited and organised all these, threw away a lot also. Making and thinking this book was the first step of my creative recovery. Because when you recover your body after so many tests, after spending time at the hospital, lying in bed constantly, after having outside substances injected, your mind become the only thing left, because your mind is thirsty for creativity you have to feed it with what’s left: your thoughts. Your thoughts into a book. »

384 400 Km {is the distance between you and me} is a book of poetry written both in French and English.

Limited run of 50 copies on Olin Ivory paper.
Dimensions 14 x 20 cm (approx. 5.5 x 7.8 inches),
62 pages.
The black soft-cover with flaps is illustrated by a score composed by the artist using the distance between the Moon and the Earth as a constraint, it is for harp and voice and was inspired by medieval music.
The book is embellished with 8 lino-cuts which are derived from alchemy imagery, stamped by the artist.

Book available in the Shop section of the website.

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