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Buried Music is a collection of 13 bilingual poems and 13 interludes, written both in French and English at the same time, creating connexions and mirroring effects between the two languages and their music and rhythm.
The poems question the connection between music and family through times and history, it is dedicated to the fathers.

The preface is written by Ellen Rogers
The book contains 7 original scores composed by the author for various instruments (voice, violin, harp, pipe organ, string ensemble, antique lyre).
The design of this book is inspired by Eragny Press graphic design. The music scores are here mostly for an aesthetic purpose, they use a neo-mensural font for the same reason. The scores are also to give an idea of the poems’ sonic landscapes.
The classical scores will be also available soon on this website.

Endless thank you to the inspiring women in my life : Aoi, Ellen, Kris, Mathyld and Rebecca, thank you for helping me during the creation of this book.

This is a virtual version of the limited printed edition, note that you are purchasing an e-book.
Once you purchase via the website, you will receive a link to download your file.

The price of this e-book is up to you: you can choose from the list and support my work in relation to how much you can support. What counts for me is to share my words with you and make it accessible to all 🙂

Thank you so much for reading my poetry!

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