The sounds are originally mixed in 7.1, sounds are distributed and spatialized between the speakers, but you can listen to the audio in stereo here :

You can read the abstract (in French) >>

The sound installation « Murmuring Barks » is the attempt to immerse the listener in a tiny and modest universe. The goal is to bring the listener to attentive and contemplative listening of the so called « marginal » universes of waste-lands whose sonic richness is to be discovered and to be revealed. This was made through an ecological approach which abolishes the border between « Nature » and « Culture » and gives back its place to non-humans.
This is also why I wanted to quote a (non-exhaustive) part of the beings who participated to the making of the installation and its ecosystem:

Abies alba, Aedes caspius, Ailanthus altissima, Alcedo atthis, Apis mellifera, Arrhenatherum elatius, Bombus terrestris, Buddleja davidii, Bufo bufo, Canis lupus familiaris, Carduelis carduelis, Carduus, Achillea millefolium, Centaurea, Columba livia, Colutea arborescens, Coronilla Securigera varia, Corvus corone, Delichon urbicum, Dianthus sylvestris, Echium, Galium verum, Ginkgo biloba, Hippodamia variegata, Homo sapiens, Ips typographus, Lasius niger,Lonicera, Cichorium intybus L, Malva sylvestris, Mespilus germanica, Omocestus haemorrhoidalis,Omocestus Petraeus, Origanum vulgare, Picea abies, Picus viridis, Pimpinella, Pinus sylvestris, Plantago lanceolata, Prunus, Senecio inaequidens, Sylvia atricapilla, Syrphidae, Tettigonia viridissima,Tipula, Turdus merula, Upupa epops, Vanessa cardui,…

Each speaker is made of tree barks found on the field recording sites

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