Performance recorded on the 26th of May at the Auditorium of MSH Paris Nord during the Journées d’Informatique Musicale 2023.

Saxophone interpretation/Improvisation by Sebastián Sarasa Molina
Composition, real-time electronics and spatialization by Diane Schuh
Video design and real-time generation by Tania Cortés
Sound engineer and RIM by Paul Goutmann
Recorded by David Fierro
Binaural mix by Diane Schuh

-Program notes:
« Based on botanical observations, gardening experiments and bioacoustics monitoring carried out in the MSH Paris Nord’s Garden in Motion since November 2020, we have led a research-creation process culminating in several restitutions that experiment with the adaptability of a device. Based on this process and for the “Journées d’Informatique Musicale 2023”, we proposed an improvisational and visual performance that tests and questions different models of symbiosis and their applications. In an open form score we tested an improvisation set-up with real-time processing, symbiosis inspired sound spatialization algorithm and nature inspired visual algorithms that invites listening and attention for the living. The musical performance is an experience of improvisation between Sebastián Sarasa Molina at the Saxophone, Diane Schuh who composed the score and transforms bioacoustics recording and saxophone in real time and Tania Cortés who designed the video and generates the transformations in real time. The video is a poetic exploration from the garden to the underground mycorrhizal symbiosis.
The music and the video explore improvisation, the concept of emergence and the compositional form between macro and micro time scales. »

Follow the music with the score:

Download score here:
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